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About Steve Lyons

At my core, I am an engineer. I love the process of building something from nothing. From businesses to people and everything in between.

About Steve

Steve Lyons was born the youngest of three boys in Houston, Texas on September 12th 1990. From an early age, his parents knew he was quite the ambitious child and enrolled him in after school science and creative arts programs. From winning talent shows and science fairs, Steve Lyons love of both was quite apparent.

Early Success

While in college at the age of 19, Steve Lyons started his first software company Lyonspaw Studios in his apartment in Los Angeles, building mobile and web applications for clients while attending classes. Steve would later attend Apple's Cocoa Camp, a weeklong mentoring program for students and Apple developers.

Branching Out

While writing code, Steve caught the acting bug and branched out to act in a few feature films and television shows .

The Hustle

At the start of 2016, Steve Lyons started filming his vlog series, 'The Hustle', documenting the growth of his newest company. The latest episodes can be seen here .

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Mailing Address

1301 Fannin St.
Houston, Texas, 77002


Phone: (713) 742-2842

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